Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If you suddenly woke up one day and found that...?

you have phisicaly changed gender what would you do? how would you react to it? and could you be able to live with it?If you suddenly woke up one day and found that...?
I would have to learn how to go to the bathroom all over again. If I had to live with it, I would most certainly try to do my best. Well, I hope my husband would help me and educate me on that one.If you suddenly woke up one day and found that...?
what is the opposite gender of a sock puppet anyway??

--some pantyhose??

i dont think the pantyhose would be much fun to play with
I'd cry for days. I don't want to be a man. :p
I'd go use the urinal!
I`d have a good ole feel!
SCREAM, look in my pants, scream some more.. and figure out a way to change it back.. LOL :P
I love being a woman and wouldn't want that to happen, but it certainly would be an interesting challege...I'd like to try it for a set period of time just to learn, but could I then revert back???
If I was hot, I'd learn to adjust. It would be difficult though.

My poor guy body would be put into frilly dresses! I would spend all my time trying to be switched back, I would die!! I love being a girl!


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I would regret it if I still had my guy personality if I changed my gender. If I were to change, I would need to change completely. Plus I agree with Jay two answers above me.
i'm gonna get suicide

Why would any girl wanna be a guy?!
I would say, ';Hi honey, I'm home. And you will never believe what happened to me!'; Then I would scratch my @$$, grab my crotch and rearrange the jewels, fart, burp and say' ';No more hootchie coo for you babe!';

History ..eww?

The doctrine known as ';eugenics'; emerged in the late nineteenth-century as one response to the problems European nation-states faced. In an essay, explain how eugenics was related to both the work of Charles Darwin and the growth of nationalism. To what extent was it also connected to the emergence of a large, educated working class, continuing urban unrest, and changing gender roles for women and men? Can someone please help me understand this....History ..eww?
Looking stuff up in Wikipedia and Google ..eww?History ..eww?
eugenics is the ';science'; of selectively breeding humans. It is when the government, or some other leadership, directs certain people to have children with certain other people to yield the most ';ideal'; children, and to not allow ';inferior'; people to have children at all.
Please read your history text and supplemental materials, and listen to your teacher. I bet if you did this, you could tell us all a thing or two about your subject. ;)

Sounds Like a bunch of Rubbish to me.

When did people start getting sex changes?

When did this fad begin; it just seems like overnight people have started to change their gender. Please don't flame me for being honest; I think the idea of getting a sex change is grotesque and disgusting. Who is so insecure about themselves that they have to change their bodily organs? How disgusting. What has this world come to? I cringe at what perverted things people will do next because it makes them ';happy';.When did people start getting sex changes?
Wow! HATE! Such ignorance and intolerance for others. You sound so much like the KKK and Nazis.

The entire subject is related to a congenital birth defect that all true or primary transsexuals share. This is not simply some form of perversion or insecurity as you suggest at all. We live a full life of sadness and self hate because we are not congruent with our own bodies.

The media is only now beginning to see the reality and is starting to educate people about the truth and not some sexual laden porn or mind numbing preaching of hate as you think is acceptable.

Full transition does not make us happy but rather whole and in sync with our own true selves.


True transsexual woman and American Trucker!When did people start getting sex changes?
Its a disorder some people genuinely believe they were supposed to be a female and vice versa.

they have strange attractions to there friends or just have tendency to want to do things that are traits of the opposite general they don't choose to do that just be tolerant.

As soon as we as people started accepting gay people.I am a female,and for some reason,I find gay people when I see a gay man who wants to be a woman so bad,I can't help but to think to myself he has a problem and look at him like he's crazy.I know its wrong,I tried accepting it,but I just can't.And gay women scare me.:
|It has been going on since ancient history, if you consider eunuchs which are a big part of older Christianity and various European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African cultures.

If you find it disgusting, don't get one!

Learn a little history and you will find that this -- and almost every other ';perversion'; you seem to like spending your time thinking about -- go back very far into history.
SmellyGurrl is right, almost anything goes back to history, prehistory, some shape or form. our technology make things more sophisticated.

Have you ever met someone who has had a sex change? I admire your honesty, and also believe that if you met people and had conversations with people who you are talking about, you might get a clearer perspective and maybe a more compassionate perspective.

How the hell do you act straight ? ?

I live in the middle east where gays are punished by death ( Just my Luck!) people are starting to suspect that I'm gay , Do you know how hard is to act straight ? it's like changing gender itself .

SERIOUS Question , SERIOUS Answers .How the hell do you act straight ? ?
My brother you are absolutely right. Trying to act straight IS like trying to change your gender or any other essential characteristic of your being. In any other situation I would tell you to say fu*k 'em but yours is a unique case. I would advise that try to avoid people who you know are looking to expose you. They're relatively easy to spot. They try to get close by asking you what you're into; you know, what kind of girls you like. But they're really just waiting to see if you sweat under pressure. Don't. Only be open and honest with people who you trust and with people who respect and value you and your life. If you begin to feel threatened please try your best to remove yourself from danger even if that means moving. Nothing and no one is more valuable than your life. I hope this was helpful.How the hell do you act straight ? ?
Don't speak, and when you do, don't use your hands to gesture. At all.

Hey, that is a serious answer. Most people pick up immediately on the body language and mannerisms of gay men... even if you don't move your hands around THAT much when you speak.

where in the middle east?

edit: because my parents are from jordan and i just wanted to talk because i can finally kinda relate to someone
Just move to the UK, Canada, or America.
No offense to Real middle easterners, but the ones I've seen on here didn't use English grammar as well as you.
I'm really sorry to hear that. Truly I am. But I can't help you, as I am a lesbian. All I can tell you is to look as if you like the opposite sex.

Good Luck!!!!!
try not to have a happy expression on your face but more of a slightly angered look (more butch). try to stick to certain colours of clothes and not anything to bright and talk in a simple way as if you were talking to someone that was a little slow, and don't tilt your head.
well u seen other straight guys...act how they do!
I am not sure if I can help as I am a trans man and I don't know what ';straight'; acting is like, erm, I am sorry your country does that I truly am and I belong to Amnesty International so I know you have a hard time. Just observe other men around and copy them... hope this helps
The act is in the stereotypes of the observer.
It may be too late, but have you considered having pics of someone around your place as a 'girl friend ' somewhere else?

You may also want to 'hide' a pair of panties in your car if you drive, where you know someone who talks a lot will find them.

You might also have a few emails come to you from someone who 'likes' you that someone might over see by accident, that mentions a trist of some sort the other night.

A few cards sent to your place of business for you or even some flowers might also get you the right sort of attention.
idk being the the closet was the worst thing ever. i cant say i understand what your going through cause were not punished by death but damn thats like so sad. get a visa and leave the country or something. damn wish i could help.
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  • Why do attitudes between genders change with age?

    I recently installed a real train horn under my van. I regulated the pressure so it is just under 85 decibels at 3 feet away so there is no chance of hurting anyone's hearing at all. Of course it is much lower at 3 or 6 feet, where my victims are usually standing.

    I have been performing an experiment to see how people react to a blast of such magnitude. I have made the following generalizations:

    there is a huge daycare I pass by and I notice that little boys will cover their ears and go crying to the teacher, whereas little girls will be seemingly delighted that they were momentarily shocked and want more. I have tested this in neighborhoods where there are lots of children about and noticed that boys start liking the noise and appreciate the initial shock at about age 11 or 12 or so and when passing say a bar or restaurant with a patio men will yell or hoop or holler, like yeah that's a real horn a man's horn. On the flip side, women over 20 in their car,out jogging or at the store running errands or whatever, are seriously offended by it, like oh what a jerk, @hole, ect.. Then again off to the walmart or mall and couples over 65... The men act offended, as if, you @hole you, thats way un-called for, your a jerk,and the women act as if oh how cute or geez you got me. good one, ect...

    Of course there are exceptions, like the couple of little boys that run up to the fence and encourage me.

    What does it all mean, why do peoples attitudes change so? One year a girl loves it, the next few years it offends her, then she adores it again?Why do attitudes between genders change with age?
    it's called growing up. do you still like the games you played when 5? do you still giggle at the prospect of kissing a girl? have you evolved to take life seriously then moved on to not taking it seriously at all?

    Our attitudes, priorities, and goals change as we evolve or haven't you noticed this within yourself?Why do attitudes between genders change with age?

    i am most intrigued and amused by your study. it was far more entertaining to read than i expected - i almost skipped it.

    i don't have much of an answer, except, people change.

    i wonder if this would work across the board consistently?

    perhaps you could tour the country and have someone help you document the thousands or millions of reactions, lol.

    if you do that, please email me the results, i'd be terribly interested in your findings.
    attitudes change during growth

    How do you change your avatars gender?????????????????

    i have looked everywhere and i just cant figure out how to change it. PLEASE HELP. And give me DETAILS.How do you change your avatars gender?????????????????

    Click on this link to go to the avatar home. Above My Favorites in the right hand corner of the page, you'll see Preferences. Click on it and you can change the gender and create your avatar.How do you change your avatars gender?????????????????
    u cant u have to choose when u first get it sorry that's how it is.....I think

    Fish - boy or girl platy????!!!!!?

    I have 1 female platy and ever since i got other female platy's her anhal fin now looks like a boys. ';It'; try's to mate with the other females. ';it'; never puts it back like girls. And yes i no how to tell if it is a girl or a boy and no i am not getting confused I am 100% sure. But can they change genders??

    thanxFish - boy or girl platy????!!!!!?
    no, they can't. you probably mistaked it for a female when you bought it. males have an anal fin like a stick (gonopodium). female's looks more like a triangle.

    above is a female

    below is a male